Our Global Footprint

MBf’s presence is formally found in eight different countries and across three territories with a workforce of over 15,000 people operating in nine sectors.


The establishment of MBf Holdings Berhad saw the consistent expansion of The Group’s international presence from Asia to North America to the South Pacific, West Africa and beyond, providing both validation and incentive to achieve higher levels of success.

Headquartered in Malaysia, MBf’s sphere of influence reaches far beyond its shores through its numerous and varied international subsidiaries. Our Malaysian operations are involved in the healthcare, leisure, manufacturing, shipping, automotive and property industries.



Positioned strategically in Singapore, MBf harnessed the city-state’s pivotal role as a global trade nexus. Through ventures in commodities trading, container shipping, and property investments, MBf capitalized on Singapore’s dynamic ecosystem, fostering innovation and driving forward its international expansion.

Anchored in collaboration and forward-thinking strategies, MBf continues to thrive, enriching Singapore’s business landscape and reinforcing its position as a beacon of economic vitality in the Asia-Pacific region.


Wood Terrace Capital is a property group headquartered out of Georgia, Atlanta. With its original investment being the Wood Terrace apartments, the portfolio has now expanded to include multiple residences in the state of Illinois.

The group is managing over 480 family dwellings ranging from low to medium income housing and has continued to offer a high quality of lifestyle in these metropolitan areas.

United Kingdom

Venturing into the United Kingdom’s real estate market in the early 1970s, MBf Holdings Berhad set its sights on property development and investment. With a strategic focus on commercial, retail, and residential assets in Central London, MBf embarked on a journey of growth and innovation.

Leveraging its expertise and foresight, MBf forged a path of success in the UK’s dynamic property landscape, contributing to the vibrancy of Central London and establishing itself as a key player in the region’s real estate sector.


Since the Carpenters group founding in Sydney in 1923, the company has retained strong trade links with Australia.

The group’s interests in Australia are focused on property investment, Agribusiness and Soft commodity distribution. Carpenter Products holds an extensive distribution network channeling soft commodities from the South Pacific Islands into Australia for over 90 years.

We pride ourselves on being able to represent some of the South Pacific’s best quality commodities in the Australasian region.

Papua New Guinea

Established in 1923, WR Carpenters Group (PNG) interests in Papua New Guinea include automotive, shipping & logistics, finance, IT, manufacturing, agribusiness and household retail.

The group Is the largest private sector employer in the country and is heavily involved in the support and aid of the local community.


Carpenters represent almost all sectors of MBf in Fiji with wholesale, retail, hardware, automotive, IT, finance, water production, shipping, and industrial and marine engineering industries.

The company is an iconic, trusted household name in the Fiji Islands, prospering with over 100 years of experience and service in commerce and trading in the Pacific. Recognized as one of the largest and most influential business groups in the private sector, Carpenters Fiji limited employs over 3,000 people, and has continued to contribute to the steady growth of the Fijian economy.


MBf expanded into Thailand in the 1980’s into both the financial and educational sectors. Our operations have continued to benefit with the robust growth of the economy.

Garden International School was founded in Rayong and soon expanded to Bangkok and that expansion also led to the eventual opening of the Rayong English Programme School (REPS), a pioneer school offering bilingual education on the Eastern Seaboard.

GIS is one of the leading international schools in Thailand, providing British education to over 1800 students. MBf takes great pride in helping to groom future cultural, social, and economic leaders of our next generation.


Carpenters Motors and Thrifty Auto Centre distributes reputable global brand vehicles and trucks, providing the expanding population of Vanuatu with easier and more efficient transportation options and support services.

Backed by the company’s capable repair and spare parts services, locals are now far better equipped to navigate the roadways of their growing, progressive island nation.

Solomons Island

Establishing a significant presence in the Solomon Islands, WR Carpenters Group (SI) strategically diversified its interests across key sectors. From shipping and logistics to agribusiness, financial remittance services, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) distribution, WR Carpenters Group (SI) forged a comprehensive portfolio of operations.

Embracing the unique opportunities of the Solomon Islands’ market, WR Carpenters Group (SI) played a pivotal role in driving economic growth and fostering development across multiple industries. Leveraging its expertise and resources, WR Carpenters Group (SI) continues to innovate and contribute to the prosperity of the Solomon Islands’ economy.


Tonga is a small but rapidly growing island nation with vital requirements for a multitude of banking and financial services.

The establishment of MBf Bank in the Pacific Island kingdom was a direct response to the increase in banking demands for the developing Tongan population.

Since establishment in 1993, MBf bank has become one of the nation’s leading international banks in the country.


Extending its reach into Bangladesh, WR Carpenters Group diversified its portfolio across critical sectors. From spearheading shipping and logistics to pioneering agribusiness and food ingredients, alongside vibrant textiles trading, the group entrenched itself in Bangladesh’s economic fabric.

Leveraging local expertise and global networks, WR Carpenters Group catalyzed growth, driving forward the nation’s shipping infrastructure, agricultural innovation, and textile commerce. With a focus on synergy and sustainable practices, WR Carpenters Group remains a catalyst for progress, enriching Bangladesh’s economic landscape and empowering communities across these strategic sectors.